FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. How do I take a picture ?
From the Camera Preview screen, press the Camera button (if available) or press the Trackball/D-Pad centre button, or press the center of the touch screen. The touch screen is divided into three sections, press on the left hand side to focus the camera, press in the middle to focus and take a photo, press on the right hand side to take a photo without focusing - useful in very low light where some devices are unable to focus correctly.

2. Where are the pictures stored on the device ?
Imageotag stores all files on the device SD Card in the com.imageotag folder and sub folders.

3. Where are the Google Earth Tour kml and kmz files stored on the device ?
On the device SD Card in the com.imageotag/kml folder.

4. Why are photos taken with the zoom so small ?
Where zoom is available on supported devices, it is usually a digital zoom rather than an optical zoom. Digital zoom results in photos that are smaller than full size.

5. Imageotag does not work or has errors on my device ?
Due to limited resources and device availability, Imageotag V1.0 has only been tested on HTC Hero with Android V1.5, HTC T-Mobile G1 with Android V1.6 and HTC Google Nexus One with Android V2.2. If Imageotag is not working correctly on your device please email the developer via with details of you device and any error details. For Android developer users please turn on Log Debug Messages in the Imageotag Settings activity, restart Imageotag, connect the USB cable and send a copy of the Android SDK log and stack trace error messages. Favourable consideration for support will be provided to users who make a donation, see bottom of page, (or send me new devices for testing Imageotag :-)

6. What Android Permissions does Imageotag use ?
Imageotag uses the following Android Permissions -
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION Used to obtain network location.
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION Used to obtain location via the GPS.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE Used to check if the network is currently available.
CAMERA Used to take photos.
DEVICE_POWER Used with the WAKE_LOCK to keep the device on when capturing sequence images and for image processing.
INTERNET Used to access the network for Google Maps and Google Street View only. Also used once only to register Imageotag when the app is first installed. Imageotag does ***not*** collect or send private or personal information to any third party.
READ_PHONE_STATE Used to access the device IMEI unique ID. This ID is used to register Imageotag once only when the app is first installed. This ID is not shared with any third party.
RECORD_AUDIO Used to record audio annotations attached to Imageotag Images.
WAKE_LOCK Used to keep the device on when capturing sequence images and for image processing.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Used by Imageotag as the storage for images, audio, kml, kmz and xml files. All Imageotag files are stored on the device SD card.

7. Some Imageotag images are shown upside down in Google Earth Version 6.0 (beta for OSX) ?
With a recent update of Google Earth to Version 6, I have noticed that some Imageotag images are shown upside down in Google Earth (!) I have raised a support request with Google to fix this issue (this was not happening with previous version of Google Earth). Imageotag Version 1.0.7 now provides a new Google Earth Setting - PhotoOverlay Roll (deg) set to 0 force all sequence photos to horizontal and right side up.

Please consider making a donation to support Imageotag development.