Release Notes

Version 1.0.8: Fixed out of focus photos on Google Galaxy Nexus device.

*NOTE* Professional users are encouraged to upgrade to Media Mapper Mobile
As well as providing Imageotag features for the latest phones & tablets Media Mapper Mobile supports
* Bluetooth GPS logging
* Remote trigger Nikon SLR via Blue2Can attachment
* LTI TruePulse 360B/R Laser Range Finder measurements
* Connect 4 Android devices for multi device photo capture
* Integrate with Red Hen Systems GIS software
For further details see
or contact http://www.redhensystems.com

Version 1.0.7: Add Altitude to EXIF data for Imageotag photos - only on Android V2.3+ devices.
* Add Google Earth Setting - Photo Overlay Roll (deg) set to 0 to force images to horizontal, as work around for Google Earth Version 6.0 bug where some Imageotag images were shown upside down.
* Add touchscreen support for Adjust Image Location in Photo Map menu.
* Add support for Ext4 File System for Android V2.3+.
* Now tested on Android V2.3.2 and Google Nexus S. (As well as Android V2.2.2 on Google Nexus One and Android V1.6 on T-Mobile G1).
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.
NOTE Nexus S has camera preview bug, (similar to Droid X) where camera preview is shown as a smaller rectangle in top left hand corner of display, after returning from a menu option when device is held in landscape orientation. To rectify, return from menu option holding device in portrait orientation, or simply exit and restart Imageotag app.
Release date 20110130.

Version 1.0.6: Add True North Compass arrow and values to Imageotag photo and Camera Preview.
* Add General Setting option, Photo Map - Start Paused.
* Bug fix, add 2 second delay to Camera Preview overlay ( for Droid X to allow camera preview resize )
* Bug fix, set correct image size on first time start of Imageotag ( for Sony X10 )
NOTE that True North compass declination value in degrees, is stored in xml within the image_checksum field.
Release date 20101024.

Version 1.0.5: No changes. ( Republished from V1.0.4 after not seeing Android Market updates. ) Apologies for any confusion.
Release date 20101009.

Version 1.0.4: Add support for devices without Trackball or D-Pad such as Droid X, HTC Desire HD.
* Added Image Option dialog - long press on image in Image List and select desired option.
* Added Camera Zoom, on supported devices, touch on bottom left to zoom out and bottom right to zoom in, from the Camera Preview screen.
* Added Map Zoom to Map View and Photo Map view, touch on bottom left to zoom out and bottom right to zoom in.
* Dim the green color GPS Bearing/Heading compass arrow in the Imageotag Photo image when the GPS speed is zero.
* Limit maximum Imageotag photo size to 5 megapixels ie 2592x1944. Imageotag does not yet support devices with 8 megapixel cameras or greater.
Release date 20101009.

Version 1.0.3: Beta version only not for general release.
Release date 20101002.

Version 1.0.2: Added support for all image sizes for device. Camera Settings - Image Size now shows all device supported images sizes, rather than small, medium, large, which were incorrect on some devices such as DroidX.
This version is NOT yet tested on devices with 8 megapixel cameras. If errors occur try using a smaller image size, eg 2592x1944.
This version may display text in the Imageotag photos that is too small to be easily read when images size of less than 1024x768 is selected.
This and other issues, such as support for devices with no trackball and d-pad will be addressed in the next release.
Release date 20101002.

Version 1.0.1: Bug fixes only. Fixed force close / exception errors in Slide show, take Picture and Start Gallery.
Release date 20100925.

Version 1.0.0: Initial release, supports V1.5 Android devices or higher.
This is a minsdk=3 release meaning that it uses the low resolution display compatibility mode on newer Android devices.

Know Issues / Bugs
1. Version 1.0: Only tested on T-Mobile G1 with V1.6, HTC Hero with V.15 and Nexus One with V2.2, other devices unknown. This means that imageotag has been tested on devices with 3.2 and 5 megapixel cameras only, it has not been tested with devices with 8 megapixels or greater such as Sony X10 and HTC Evo. If errors occur with 8 megapixel cameras try using the medium or small size images sizes available in the Camera Settings activity.

2. Force close errors occur when SD card becomes full. Imageotag is unable to take photos until space is available on the SD card. Move and delete old files to free space on the SD card. Warning messages are displayed by imageotag when the SD card is 97% full or greater.

3. Contact Sheet image thumbnails can be unreliable sometimes showing blank thumbnails. To fix press rebuild menu option to remake the contact sheets.

4. Non Sequence Image Tours made from the Photos Image View menu are experimental only and may not work correctly as Google Earth Tours, being of limited use to view individual images in Google Earth and as a (zip compatible kmz format) backup of the all of the non sequence photos.
(Google Earth Tours made from the Image Sequence View menu do work ok in Google Earth. See the tutorial for further details).

5. GPS speed in shown in metric units as meters per second and kilometers per hour only, imperial units as miles per hour is not yet supported.

6. With a recent update of Google Earth to Version 6.0, I have noticed that some Imageotag images are shown upside down in Google Earth (!) I have raised a support request with Google to fix this issue (this was not happening with previous version of Google Earth). Imageotag Version 1.0.7 now provides a new Google Earth Setting - PhotoOverlay Roll (deg) set to 0 force all sequence photos to horizontal and right side up.

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